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That is what I got for a couple of hours this afternoon. I could go everywhere else, I could even google the words "database error" and go to the sites, but I needed a code. Next time that happens, could you please give me a code?

I am not computer literate, it was this site, or my computer, I do know. I turned my PC off, then tried from Comcast, thereby not using my memory drainer AOL, no go. I could go to my smugmug, "our" smugmug, anywhere, just not here.

Could someone explain this to me. Also, this is the first time dgrin has been noticeably slow, earlier today, before the database error message.

The database error was a confusing message, no code, suggested I try refreshing my browser (my fault?), then the message apologized for the inconvenience???

I finally did the sensible thing, took a two hour nap. When I woke up, you all were here again, and so was my new tripod.

Forgot to order the remote thing, yes, Lynn, got the old fashioned kind, and I am paying $8.00 more to have it 2 nighted. Hope our weather holds. Drama is fine, depends on the intensity, smile.

Just wondering, my books don't mention "database error", not even my XP book. What could it have been? Was I the only one impacted? What should I do next time, doG forbid?


Anyone, my new improved Wonderful World is posted in two spots, on the main challenge, and on my thread in the same area. Please check for technical flaws, not a lot more I can do with it, except trash the poor people.
There is one small, tiny, area I am concerned about. The ice cream man's face. I tried to lighten it, didn't work. Did I throw it off, by even trying. I don't exactly know how I did that photo in post, don't think I want to do it again. But if I have to, and it would only be because of the ice cream man's face. Remembered how I did it, but there were other things that worked, like lightening the man's face, the one carrying the baby. If I did it again, I might mess that up.

I am using Andy's advice, tutorial, plus a great book for idiots, of which I could be the founding member, not stupid, in fact very smart, but an idiot, smile.

It is called, still "How To WOW" and it is by Jack Davis & Ben Willmore. Big pictures, so I can work and see. And they tell you the things others forget that idiots don't know yet. Would recommend it to anyone new, and that is relative, but I would recommend it to lots of people, especially new people who might be idiots, and any of you who have ever felt lost following the advice here. Just that one word can sometimes straighten us out. This book tends to give that one word.

In addition to channel mixer, I know I used layers' soft light, that was because this was a grainy photo. Shot in the daytime at 1600 ISO. Before the soft light, I used Glausson Blur, our old friend, worked well I think, it was all in the book, in addition to the fact that all the layers need to be brought together before doing the blur, or it will only go on one.

Cool thing, this book is.

After all is said and done, it is the sweet tea.


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    Don't worry. It was not you, it was the site. Occasionally the forums experience this, sometimes for a longer period of time. Hopefully it is fixed and will not be problem again. ne_nau.gif
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    I've gotten this 3 or 4 times in the last 2 days... ne_nau.gif
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    9 15 2004 slow site, couldn't access
    The site has been slow for me that last couple of days, but just sometimes.

    This afternoon, I couldn't access it. I did once, then I couldn't access a thread, so I went to sleep: rolleyes1.gif that is the other part of my life.

    After all is said and done, it is the sweet tea.
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