Charge For Viewing - How Can I?

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Okay, please be merciful with your responses, but here goes . . .

I want to be able to charge people for viewing my photos. I'm thinking maybe going from a Wordpress Site, to Paypal (for a purchase of a time-limited viewing license), and then to Smugmug, automatically entering the password without being seen by the end-user. I want people to have a 2 - hour window before they have to go through the process again.

The reason for this need is our photos are newsworthy and by just providing access for free, the end-users don't usually purchase. They just look.

I've been told PHP is what I need, but I have no idea what PHP can do. I know that Smugmug does not do iFrames and only has the content window that accepts CSS and HTML coding.

We were figuring we could use the password protection on Smugmug to keep people out of galleries they hadn't paid for. I would also like the script to be customizable for other sites (different lengths of time, change of password, change of price, etc.)

I think I've covered everything, but please ask questions.

Is this even possible? Are there scripts or hacks already created for (some part) of this purpose? Are there any users who think they could make something like that happen with a script? We will pay. LOL

Many thanks,


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    I certainly can't help with your query, but am intrigued by the idea of having 'newsworthy' images that people are prepared to pay to view.

    Any examples of images that fitted this remit in the past, but the passage of time now allows them to be viewed for free?

    I'd hazard a guess that I'm not alone in wanting to get some idea of what (quality / style / impact / content / circumstance etc) I'm being asked to pay for, sight unseen?

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