Night in the city of Angels

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IMG_2070-S.jpgL.A at night

Since I was driving down to the airport at LAX to drop off my parents I decided to make an evening
of it and drive around taking some pictures.

IMG_1979-S.jpgVenice at night

My first stop was Venice beach. It certainly has a different vibe at night.
I especially enjoyed taking pictures of bicyclists going by with led's in their spokes
as the long exposures made for some interesting shots.

IMG_1980-S.jpgBicyclist at Venice beach

Even the Murals and graffiti take on a different appearance at night.

IMG_1986-S.jpgMural with graffiti

IMG_1989-S.jpgSt. Mark Mural, Venice Beach

IMG_1992-S.jpgTouch of Venice Mural

Next I headed down towards an inlet.

IMG_2026-S.jpgWaterway inlet

Here I spotted this Pelican.


and while taking the pelicans picture I was lucky enough to spot a night Heron.

IMG_2015-S.jpg Night Heron

I then headed towards downtown Los Angeles, hoping to get a skyline shot.

I worked my way through the garment district ans wound up in some sketchy neighborhood.

Right after I took the picture at the top of the post several police cars came speeding past and then
were questioning someone just up ahead. I also became aware of huge numbers of homeless people
sleeping on the sidewalk on the numerous side streets, so that was enough for one night,
I made my way back to the freeway and headed home.


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    A productive evening. I enjoyed the night tour, thank you for sharing.
    My snaps can be found here:
    Unsharp at any Speed
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    Thanks for the tour. I like #1 and the shot of the inlet. Thanks for the effort and for posting the results.
    "Photography is partly art and partly science. Really good photography adds discipline, sacrifice and a never ending pursuit of photographic excellence"...ziggy53

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    Nice series, and some really cool shots!
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