2x Westcott ICE Light with battery packs and connector

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***OK, price drop. $385 for one ICE Light + spare battery, or $750 if you buy both together.***

I have two ICE Lights for sale. I hate to sell them because they are awesome lights but it's the slow season and I need some extra cash. Each one has the original box and accessories; charger/AC adapter, gel clips, carry case, plug converters for overseas travel. They both work perfectly. There are a few minor dings on the black finish here and there but nothing major. These lights produce clean daylight balanced light straight out of camera with no weird color casts or spectral deficiencies. I can shoot on Daylight WB in camera and never have to adjust the WB in post.

The lights themselves go for $450 new. I'm selling each for $425 shipped, WITH a battery pack to extend the battery life beyond the normal ~1 hour run time. The battery packs sell for $130 new, so you're saving $155.

If someone wants to buy both of them I'll sell the whole set together and throw in the connector that joins the two end-to-end for $825 shipped (total $335 savings). Two ICE Lights are great and let you do some awesome super-fast setups at a wedding. Just hand them to a couple groomsmen and do a groom portrait with one as a main and one as a rim, or have a bridesmaid hold two of them in a clamshell setup for a nice beauty light on the bride.

In addition to the photos of the ICE Lights themselves I have also attached a few images that I shot using them to help see what is possible in real-world scenarios (actual weddings or engagment shoots, no models).

PM me if you want one or both.










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