Alliare State Park in NJ

NikonShooterNikonShooter Beginner grinnerNew JerseyRegistered Users Posts: 8 Big grins
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Took A ride there yesterday, primarily to test out my new Tamron 15-30 on the D810... loving this lens..
There are two pics in there that were taken with the 70-200.. The leafspring shot and the closeup of the wagon wheel. All the rest were with the Tamron.

I linked them to my Smugmug account. Hope that is ok.. I could'nt figure out how to upload them all at once..


  • kdogkdog artistically challenged San Jose, CAAdministrators Posts: 11,678 moderator
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    Welcome to the Landscapes forum, NikonShooter. You'll get more responses if you post a few photos directly into the thread. You don't need to upload them to Dgrin. You can simply hot-link the photos right into the thread. Here's a good link to instructions on how to do this.
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    Love the up close, detail shots! Listen to kdog, don't make people click to a link if you want feedback. Nice shots, looking forward to seeing more!!!
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