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Hey all, so I have been looking at an alternative to using my camera neck strap now that I have my messenger bag. I have decided that a Hand strap is just what I am looking for. However, after researching hand straps It looks like my options are limited to use one that will work with my tripod mount still in place. This one that is about to be released by Spider Holster works with your existing tripod mount so that you can leave it attached. It also looks like a good build quality. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1124339-REG/spider_camera_holster_975_spider_pro_standard_hand.html


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    I also hate neck straps. Much quicker to use a hand strap, IMO.

    An alternative to the linked product above is one of the Camdapter hand strap models. Been using them for years. Can't beat quality tanned padded leather for comfort. In place of it's usual base, I have it attached to an RRS L-bracket. That, in turn, attaches to any arca-swiss type clamp on the top of tripods. There are other bracket bases available that don't require the cost of an L-bracket, also at B&H.
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    I've bought four of these they are great, use it with an optec strap
    comes with a standard tripod base plate....
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    I've been using a Spider dual Pro holster system for a couple years and can tell you that the build quality of their products is outstanding and far exceeded my expectations.

    The black handstrap is available directly from SpiderHolster on their website http://spiderholster.com/handstrap
    The colors (red, cream, brown/kodiak) are Coming Soon

    I don't have their handstrap yet, I've been eyeing it but I'm not quite sure I'm ready to give up the safety of using a neck strap for some of the shooting I do, but I'm sure the quality is comparable to the rest of their products.
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