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Aaron JorsAaron Jors Registered Users Posts: 470 Major grins
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When in a video gallery and selecting a video to view is there a way to automatically have that video start in 720p vs. auto? Or alternatively only offer the video in 720p?

When I go to view a video when set to Auto and hit play the quality for the first 10 sec or so is terrible but then gets better. I'm guessing this is due to something trying to figure out what is the optimal setting for me. Alternatively if I go to the video and select 720p before hitting play the video quality is fine from the start.

My guess is that most people are going to hit play and not adjust the setting so their initial impressions of the video is not going to be good due to the low starting quality.

Video Gallery is located here: http://www.aaroncjors.com/Videos/


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    tomnovytomnovy Registered Users Posts: 1,101 SmugMug Employee
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    Hi Aaron,

    I am very sorry but at the moment this is not possible. The video player will start playing with the lower quality stream - it will then detect if your internet connection allows for better quality and it will automatically adjust the stream quality to your internet connection speed for optimal performance/quality.

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    runswithsizzersrunswithsizzers Registered Users Posts: 13 Big grins

    Why is this still not possible - more than 2 years later?

    Why do my SmugMug videos look like crap for the first 5-6 seconds, when the amateur videos on Flikr, YouTube, etc. do not?

    Personally, if I clicked on a video play button, and saw the pixelated mess SmugMug is serving up, I would close the window ASAP and go look at something else. I am too embarrassed to ask friends and relatives to look my videos on SmugMug due to the poor quality they are going to see up front. Please fix this.

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    pilotdavepilotdave Registered Users Posts: 785 Major grins

    I'm also having a hard time getting quality video to display. I'm hesitating to share a video I recently posted because the quality seems to be so degraded compared to the file I uploaded. Any advice on maximizing video quality? Has anything changed with the way videos get reencoded after uploading?



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    BluegrassBluegrass Registered Users Posts: 31 Big grins

    I would very much like this fix, as well. It really does give a bad impression when someone clicks on a video and it appears to be of such poor quality for the first 5 seconds or so. Is it possible for SmugMug to start with the "best quality" first, and only adjust the stream quality to the internet connection speed for optimal performance/quality, if necessary?
    Can you let us know if a fix is in the works? Thank you!

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    PointPhotoPointPhoto Registered Users Posts: 2 Beginner grinner
    I have the same problem… and after an on-line chat have found out that this is how the system has always worked. They have suggested uploading Videos to Vimeo or YouTube and adding a content block in SmugMug to pull the content in. In this day and age that is ridiculous. You advertise SmugMug as "Features that Grow with you" the Video Quality is advertised as 1080P and max video length of 20 minutes. It is deliberately misleading to market SmugMug like this and have it work like it does. I have a client who I have been working for for 5 years and the videos I was uploading were samples for extending what we do with them to Video...… net net is we can't easily use the SmugMug platform for me to show and send them Video Content. I want them to be able to watch it and download it if they want to use it.... contents blocks is not going to get me that.... so I am left with one service for photos and another for video :-( :-( It sounds like their engineers have no clue on how to solve this problem or the SmugMug management will not fund what is necessary. Please STOP advertising SmugMug as Video Capable until you can show a HD video from the beginning in HD....!
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    schatautschataut Registered Users Posts: 17 Big grins

    After 5 years of this thread it still is the same. I can't even share with anyone because it will ruin the viewing experience.

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