PNW Beach Wedding

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I had the pleasure of capturing this couples' special on-beach wedding / beach-house reception a few weeks ago. These are a few from their album set choices, thought I'd share. They were a fun couple, very animated and super quirky. As always, CC welcomed, and thanks for viewing!






















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    Nice series. Looks like they picked the afternoon for the time to get married. That can be difficult to shoot at the beach.
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    Thanks, John! You're exactly correct, they chose 3pm for the kickoff of the event. I was grateful for a few clouds in the sky to somewhat limit the zombie faces. lol
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    #10 and #14--love them!
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    Nice images, and more impressive it's all done out of a van!

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    Different wedding in beach and nice photography. The couple is also looking nice.
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    Great series, JonaBeth.

    #2, the ring shot, is an absolute killer.

    I particularly like the framing on #6. Nice bokeh, too. It softens the crowd in the background.

    The wind-blown sash in #10 is a classic look. I'd crop that one a little, though; bring the right and bottom in closer to the couple, and cut out some of the blown-out water and sky on the left.

    #14 was a great catch, mid-air running. I'd crop that one closer, too.

    #19 worked out great, as well. Even with the bokeh, the bride's grin lights up the image.

    #20 doesn't get any better, though the couple seems just a smidge underexposed. Maybe lightening them up just a hair's breadth without touching the sky would improve the overall image.

    I bet the couple are thrilled with this set.
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    nice beach wedding set
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    Wedding shots
    I really enjoyed your shots. May I suggest Lightroom's signature ID, for a more professional "look".
    Lots of type to choose from!!!
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    I like the action shots, very well done!
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    Beautiful couple. Beautiful location. Good work.

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    Beautiful series, JonaBeth.
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    Very beautiful beach wedding photos! :)
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    Nice pic first one, with that private sign

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