Frequency Separation

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Hi All, I can't see any threads on this subject but I may have missed it.. I came across this tutorial on Frequency Separation that is really great. I do a lot of restoration on the side and smudging color or changing color when I clone or retouch is always hard not to do.. with this technique you can work on color by it'self and texture by it'self.. amazing? I think so...:bow
anyhow.. here it is if you haven't seen it.

p.s. this is a good one too..


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    That topic has been discussed a lot over on RetouchPro ( Head over there and you'll find lots of info and comments on this process.
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    G'MIC (a GIMP plugin) has a pretty good frequency separation preset that makes using this technique very easy to do. Also like using a cool GIMP plugin called Wavelet Decompose, which breaks an image down to several wavelets for some cool ways to apply various degrunging techniques. :)
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