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I think I posted these, or one, in the past. But an article I read recently gave me the urge to do so again.
The article dealt with the soon-approcahing end of those survivors and families of victims; when memory becomes history, it is much easier to forget. Looking at the world, many have forgotten already...

I took few photos there, it seemed sacrilegious. And those I took I didn't touch afterwards, how can you have the arrogance to change a thing about this place.



This woman I took the tour with, her family of 8 had been killed here. At the end, in the famous Guard Tower where underneath the trains with box-cars of people would come in, she asked me to take a photo of her. She posed herself where you see in front of a large window. Though it didn't come out, in the far background was the ruins of the Crematoria. After, I asked her why she wanted a picture of herself in this horrible place. She said in a simple way: "I wanted a picture of myself in front of the graves of my family"



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