Nikon D300 w/MB-D10 - 5 Nikon Batteries - 4 CF cards... Complete Package

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Everything genuine Nikon, Everything looks great and works perfectly. The only thing missing is the original box for the D300 - take a look at the pics...

The D300 looks great and works like new. The only flaw is a nick on he plastic travel cover. Not the camera, the $3 plastic travel cover - the camera is in fantastic shape. No marks, like new grips - no peeling and all of the buttons function like new. 35,000 clicks (rated for 150,000). All of the cables/books/paperwork are included as well as the OEM strap.

The MB-D10 is likewise in perfect shape. It comes with both trays, the case, box & all paperwork. Works like new.

The batteries are all genuine Nikon and all register "0" - like new. You could shoot for days with these. The Nikon charger is included as well as a 12v charger for your car.

The CF cards all work perfectly and there are 2 soft covers. These, along with the batteries will allow you to cover an event with no problem.

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