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I have just started with getting prints for clients and my local print shop wants me to use them, which is fine and great as I love locals supporting locals.

However I have just tried to upload my first order and one print is an 8 x 10. This upload has a caution sign on it that says photo resolution is 16% percent less than recommended and may effect quality.

Yes I could ask them but rather post the question here.

I do all my post processing in photoshop and SOOC the image size is 240ppi , I do not change this and i save the file at 12 for maximum resolution.

What am I doing wrong here and what size and crop should I be using for all high resolution client images to be print ready?


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    Basically you would want an image file with 2,400 X 3,000 pixels (300 ppi) for an 8X10 print. Although 1,920 X 2,400 pixels (240 ppi) will typicality yield a fine print.

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    It is easy to uprez the photo in Photoshop to the needed 300 ppi. You will not see any significant decline in image quality if your initial file is of good quality..

    Image >Image Size> 300 pixels in the Length and Width boxes, and Bicubic Smoother for enlargement and you should be good to go.
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