IR/Full Spectrum Nikon D5100

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With Spring here I'm starting to get tempted to not sell this -- IR LOVES fluffy clouds and young green vegetation.

Changing gears a bit and would be interested in selling my full-spectrum modified D5100 to fund purchase of other equipment

The D5100 was professionally modified by Kolari Vision at the end of 2013 for full spectrum use. Mostly I have used it for B&W landscape photos usually with a 760 and 850nm IR filters. But have also shot with with an h-alpha filter for astrophotography, as well as a visible-light (aka "normal") using a UV/IR cutout filter.

I'm including the camera and all of the original materials originally shipped with it. The camera is in perfect working condition, the flip LCD screen has no dead or hot pixels, and everything works as it should. Not that it matters in this case (after modification) but it is a US-Warranty body. Shutter count is 6,475 as of today -- but maybe be a bit higher if we have some nice IR weather :-)

I can also include and H-alpha filter, as well as a UV/IR cutout filter. I plan to hold on to the IR pass filters in case I get the bug again in the future.

$500 OBO

All photos taken with my D5100 -




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