Question re an order (emailing your team wasn't working)

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I tried to submit this by clicking the link that came with my order, but it kept telling me that the email wasn't working.

Here's my question

Hey Support Heroes,

I'm Stephen, my site is http://www.gaslightphoto.com, and I'm using Firefox v37 on Windows.

The question is:
Why is order #5151079 still listed as processing? I placed it on May 5. It said 1-2 days to process. I'd love to know when this will be on the road.



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    I do see an email from you from yesterday, and it looks like another hero had already responded. In case you didn't get that reply, your order is still processing at the lab. It's taking a bit longer than normal to process, so we've upgraded the shipping method to the fastest shipping method available to help offset that delay. We've asked the lab to get that completed and shipped out ASAP. More than likely, your order should be shipping out today, for a delivery on Wednesday. Our apologies for the delay!
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