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I've been asked to create a video tutorial with audio on the use
of a software program. Not having done this before, I don't know
how to go about choosing a program to do it with. Because I will
be doing only one tutorial, I'd like to find a free program.

I'm looking for a program that will capture the steps used in working
with the program as I do them, allow audio capture of explanations,
and be editable to include some title slides that will be created in
Photoshop CS2014. I have Adobe Premier Elements 12 to do the editing and
insertion of title slides.

This page lists several programs that seem like they will do this.

Anyone here have experience in using any of these or would like
to offer suggestion?

Keep in mind that I haven't done anything like this before, but I have
edited movies using Adobe Premier Elements 12. It would be helpful
for the capture program to also have tutorial videos on how to use it.

I can download and try these programs, but suggestions from experienced
users would be helpful and appreciated.
Tony Cooper - Orlando, Florida
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