Is my calibration correct?

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Dear all

I have bought a new Dell monitor (24 inches) with 99% rgb support. The monitor comes precalibrated from Dell (there was also a leaflet in my screen box for that).

I tried though my spyder 4 calibrator.

The calibrated process started and firstly reminded me that my screen "brightness" is very high and I have to lower it considerably.

Then the calibration finished but to be honest everything turned more "reddish" as a feeling (Before it was too blueish).

It also found correctly that my screen supports 99% of srgb. I wonder though

-What dell means with precalibrated monitors if my calibration process changes so much how my monitor looks

-How I can be sure that my calibration is correct and not Dell's



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    It can't come perfectly calibrated from the factory. Your hardware calibrator is most likely correct. You can always try it again and see if the result match.
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    What model is it that you have?

    I've seen it myself and read of it from others that until your eyes get used to the changes that the calibration has made, the initial perception is that the color temperature of the screen appears to have shifted closer to 5000K instead of 6500K that was the target of the calibration.

    But I have also read of issues with the Spyder4 where users have had a new sensor sent to them from Datacolor for exactly this issue.

    I also know that there are preferred "modes" to calibrate in with the Dells. In fact, I believe the calibration report you receive with your monitor only applies to one of the several color modes available via the monitor's on screen menu.

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