**Perpetual Shapes, Color, Texture & Patterns Game**

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So here is another fun challenge for all to participate in.

Here is how it is played:

1. Look at the last post on this thread.
2. After their image, they should have posted either a shape or color or texture or pattern.
3. Whatever word was posted (either shape or color or textures or pattern) you are to find or take an image of your own that has either the shape or color or texture or pattern that was posted by the previous poster.
4. When you find an image, be sure to title as I will show in the example and first post below.

1. Only one image per post
2. No back to back posting. You need to wait till someone else posts.
3. You MUST give a title and image, that names either the shape or color or texture or pattern that the previous person posted then leave the name of a shape OR color OR texture OR pattern for the next person to find.
4. If by chance, someone does NOT leave a texture or color or shape or pattern for the next person to do, then whoever next comes in and sees there is not a name to work with, will go to the next post up and enter one of their images and give a new shape or color for the next person. (but seriously, do not be the one that forgets to put up a challenge for the next person:deal )
5. Post all comments on this thread: http://www.dgrin.com/showthread.php?t=237185 DO NOT POST COMMENTS DIRECTLY IN THIS THREAD OF IMAGES.
6. In the event that 2 posters post the same theme at the same or about the same time, then the second post should either be edited immediately to follow along with the theme given by the first posted. If by chance that the image did not get edited (mainly because the second poster did not refresh the page before posting their image), the next person to come into play must choose between the two given themes to post their image.

I will start you all out.
Have fun!


Next person finds: LIGHT GREEN


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