Can I now do this thru the Smugmug shopping?

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For events I do the following and wonder if I can set this up via my smugmug and stay out of the process.

I export out of Lightroom social media sized images and place my watermark on them.
I then upload them to a gallery on my Smugmug website.

The gallery is set for original so the download button will be available.

I allow the people from the event to free download the image as it will be small and will have the watermark on it.

Next I have the people contact me if they want to by a 5x7 or 8x10 print. So now I have the full resolution file I can print to size, package and mail to the person.

I don't do this via the Smugmug shopping cart because from last I knew, they had to use their credit card and pay $.01 to download. Also the download will not keep a watermark. If it was easier to download and the download kept the watermark, then I could upload the original file and allow only the small size for download.


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    Try going to the help page and asking one of the heroes.

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    There is a new download capability as announced New: Gallery Downloads for Visitors. This downloads the full sized images without the watermark and that doesn't sound like what you are after.

    Have you considered limiting the display size in your galleries and allowing right-click save? A right-click save will save the image size as displayed on the screen at the time of the save. The images saved this way will have the watermark on them. Then you can enable sales through the smugmug cart in the same gallery. This would allow anyone who has access to your event to save the display images.
    Keep in mind that even with right click save disabled your viewers can quickly grab images from the browser cache - so your images are not protected by that feature.
    If you want to see this working you can take a look at my site. I have a watermark on my images and I allow right-click save. My galleries show photos up to X3Large so the downloaded image can be quite large but still not the original. If you want your viewers to have a smaller download size then set your display size accordingly. But - keep in mind that if you make the largest display size too small you may drive viewers away from your site. (That is, if your viewers are like me... one of the things that drives me away from a site quickly is when the photos displayed are quite small.)

    --- Denise
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