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W ThorneW Thorne Registered Users Posts: 46 Big grins
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When uploading photos to my site I'm getting real slow upload speeds. In the past I would get about 1500kbs but for about the past month I'm averaging about 150kbs.

On speediest I get about 12mbs uploads and Im not having any trouble uploading to Google Drive.

Is there a problem on the SmugMug end or have I missed a setting?

Thanks for the help.


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    CarnageCarnage Registered Users Posts: 8 Big grins
    edited July 31, 2015
    Hi Wilf,

    It does appear that there have been some slow upload incidents in the past few days but those incidents have been resolved. You can go to our status page here http://status.smugmug.com/ to see if there are any current or past incidents.

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    jedinudistjedinudist Registered Users Posts: 18 Big grins
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    Most of our internet connections are configured and optimized for downloads (well in Australia anyway). If you wish to have high upload speeds your telco may have to reconfigure your connection.
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