Chromatic Abberation caused by merging in HDR?

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I have a series of images that all have chromatic abberation. I filtered them trhough lightroom and was very careful to make sure there was no CA evident there. But when i merge to hdr with PS CC I get this kinda stuff.

Is there an easy way to remove it? The example is a piece of the image blown up at 200%

Thanks for the help.


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    Kevin, I am not sure I really see any evidence of chromatic aberration in the small image you posted above. I am not sure sure what I am seeing here. It is a bit soft, perhaps- were the frames for the HDR all shot from a tripod or were they shot handheld, maybe?

    Can you post a larger image for us to examine?

    Evaluating prints at 200% on a monitor will tend to show things that will not be seen in a final print
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