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Hi All,

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you have. Photography is not my main line of work, and while my paid projects are increasing, I'm looking for some advice from other who might have already "been there."

A few years ago I was paid by a construction company to take photographs of a recently completed project. I retained the rights to these images.

Last week I was contacted by the manufacturer of the wall material (a type of tile) used in the project, and they're asking what I would charge for them to use 1-2 of the photographs in the promotional materials / brochures used by their sales representatives and on their website. About 1000 of the brochures would be printed, and the images would be about 1/2 of a page.

They said they typically get contracts from other photographers that allow them, "non-exclusive, unlimited usage for promotional materials and website in perpetuity excluding 3rd party distribution."

I realize they're only worth what someone is willing to pay, and based on a few things I've found on-line it looks like a typical rate for something like this is around $350 - $400 per image for a run up to 5000 (not counting any web usage). Does this sound completely out of whack, or are there better pricing tools available?

Thanks again for any help!
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