Mini Challenge #211 - Results

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My favorites from each entrant...
travelways - Rodney boat resting in peace. The boat looks like it was probably in decent shape when left, but now is becoming part of the landscape some with plants growing into and through it.
DonRicklen - Old rail spur amongst abandoned industry. I've had some fun with others exploring old mills and this is similar to things we have seen. It shows a little bit about the past while also showing how things change.
Thelensspot - Machu Picchu, Peru. While I liked how simple the photo with the farm equipment was, I've always been impressed with how much work must have gone into some of the stone structures that still stand today. This angle really helps show just how big a project it must have been.
Earache - Cabin in the Woods. Old equipment is always interesting, but the angle on the cabin and the condition of it makes me want to explore it. I also like how tightly the forest is around it and how some even appears to be coming over the top of it on the left.
Cavalier - The Pflug Mansion. It certainly doesn't look like much of a mansion anymore, but I like the story behind it. In that field it looks almost out of place, but where the buildings are falling in, they also seem to start to blend into the background (if that makes any sense).
BMW Kurt - Charlie Manson's Truck. The color as the paint fades and the rust takes over is nice. The truck still appears "relatively solid." The mountains in the background are nice too.
CCoop - Appalachian Chapel. I'd love to stumble onto this place sometime out in the woods.
roaddog52 - Out to pasture. More trucks left to sit while the vegetation tries to grow around them. I wonder why they didn't stay in use or at least get sold once they were no longer needed. I'm also left wondering what the item is that you can barely be seen in the grass in front of the trucks.
grandmaR - Baths at Pompeii. Who wouldn't want to have a spacious bath like that with a skylight above you.
Smarmy - Forgotten toys. Being tighter on the toys would have been an interesting shot I think. Another time where it seems odd as to why they were just left there, still mostly setup.
Gary752 - New life as a planter. We have some abandoned fire trucks around here as well. This one certainly looks like it has been there a while with how much is growing out of the top.

The top 3:
3: roaddog52. Finding old abandoned vehicles is always fun for me. I also liked how the grass appears to be blowing around and is almost as tall as the trucks.

2: Earache. I would really like to go and explore this cabin.

1: Cavalier. I liked this one as soon as I saw it. I'm not sure I can give a definitive reason why it won, but I was drawn to it from the start.

Congrats Cavalier and I can't wait to see what subject you come up with next.

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    Thanks for the mention. I took many photos over a few years of this place. The trestle has since been demolished, entirely. :cry

    Great winning image by Cavalier!

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    Thanks for the mention! This was a great challenge idea and the photos submitted were excellent.
    And congratulations to Jo! a great win!
    Anxiously awaiting the next challenge theme.
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    Thanks for the Place sdways01, and nice work Phil and Jo - I like both those images a lot!!
    All the entries were great to see!

    sdways, you may have to hurry to Alaska if you want to explore that cabin... :D
    It's headed downhill fast, and this was 4 years ago!
    Eric ~ Smugmug
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    Congratulations to the winners clap.gif

    ... and thank you for liking my boat :)
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    Sdways01 - thanks for hosting a fun Challenge and thanks so much for the first place selection. I'll try to get a new challenge up today or tomorrow.
    Congrats to everyone for some terrific entries.
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    Congratulations to all. So many great images in this challenge, thanks for the 3rd place selection.

    Jo, I really enjoyed your image, having been in that area many times. I hope the old place is still there come winter, as that whole Okanagan area is currently on fire.

    I don't know where I'm going, but I'm going anyway.

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    Earache wrote: »
    It's headed downhill fast, and this was 4 years ago!

    Seeing that angle explains more about why it looked like trees were growing out over the top of it.

    "If you saw a man drowning and you could either save him or photograph the event...what kind of film would you use?" - Anonymous
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