How to make photo packages more visible?

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If a customer selects the Buy Photos button from the gallery view, they're presented with two options: Photos from this Gallery and Buy Photo Package. Great; however,

If a customer clicks on a photo and selects the Buy button, they're presented with two options on my site: Paper Prints and Downloads. There is no way to get to the Buy Photo Package from here, and unless they've visited my Products page they have no idea I offer photo packages.

I want the customers to see Buy Photo Packages even when selecting Buy on a single photo as I'm pushing to sell multiple prints by giving one away free.

Anyway to do this? Thanks.


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    Your visitors should see an option to purchase packages, whether in the main gallery, or in the 'lightbox' view (when viewing an enlarged photo). The Photo Package option should appear in the Buy menu both places, if packages are enabled. But, if someone clicks Buy > This Photo, from the Lightbox view, it's not possible to show print packages within that interface at the moment, sorry. That screen will only show a-la-carte products (ie, products you've priced in your pricelist). But, visitors should still be able to select the Photo Package option from the Buy menu in either place (gallery or lightbox view).

    We do encourage you to let us know about what features are important to you by using our user feedback site here:


    You can vote on existing feature requests, and request your own features here as well.
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    pat.kanepat.kane Registered Users Posts: 332 Major grins
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    Josh, you've described the behavior perfectly. Thanks. This request is probably too esoteric to be successful in the voting for new features, so I'll continue to work outside the system to educate my customers on the availability of packages.

    I do suspect this needs to addressed when/if smugmug allows packages for digital downloads. I know I have votes placed for that feature, which is sorely missing and long overdue.
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