My coolest family session to date

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The Whiteman's were an amazing family. I don't know what it was, but my personality just meshed right with the family. I left the shoot feeling very happy being able to do what I do. Enough yappin! Here's some of my favorite glamor shots:

1. 3819513_orig.jpg
2. 9258315_orig.jpg
3. 2158827_orig.jpg
4. 1351760_orig.jpg
5. 5096118_orig.jpg
6. 1433813_orig.jpg
7. 1535351_orig.jpg
8. 423622_orig.jpg
9. 2664698_orig.jpg
10. 3018956_orig.jpg
11. 2118071_orig.jpg
12. 8479483_orig.jpg
13. 1010143_orig.jpg
14. 8234858_orig.jpg
15. 2016628_orig.jpg
16. 1386044_orig.jpg
17. 9216400_orig.jpg

I have a few more snags on the blog.

Lately I've been experimenting with my lenses and I've really been loving the feel of the 85L. It's so different from the 35 (which I usually use) but it really makes beautiful backgrounds look spectacular. So y'all may be seeing a shift in some of my portraiture over the next few shoots :)
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    I like this series. The posed shots look natural and it appears you had a good connection with the family. I have found the 35mm and 85 are great for telling a families story. The 35 is good for putting them in the environment and the 85 is good for isolation and portraits while keeping the feeling the viewer is with the subject not just observing.
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    Great set. You inspired and captured some genuine expressions. Well done.

    An "accurate" reproduction of a scene and a good photograph are often two different things.
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    I like this set. Some great expressions and you got the family to interact in a very comfortable way.

    Having said that, your white balance is a bit off on several of these leaning towards green (1,2,11)

    #15 is my favorite. Clone out the distracting buoy in the water above dad.

    #13 is a tosser for me with that crop and sky.

    #14 cropped tighter could be a winner.
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    The group shots are just great, love the spontaneity.
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