switching fm OLD to NEW SM wiped out my custom pricelists

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and NOW I wonder how many other people who had assigned pricelists encountered the same? just for giggles i decided to click on BUY on MY site and noticed the prices were way too low. thanks for the wipe-out! i keep hearing how great and fantastic this new SM is, but so far i need to rotate my gallery image myself now (previously automatic and very cool), and when I upload to a/any gallery i have to move that gallery to the top myself (also previously automatic and very cool). sounds like i am doing more work to me. SM removed smart automatic features that now i ned to do manually. grrrrr now i discover my images are being sold for peanuts because new SM wiped out my pricelist, and it takes a lot of TIME to create and assign those prices. thank you SM. your assistance was really NOT necessary!!


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    Did you look at your pricing logged out? Log in you'll see the Smug defaults only.
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    Allen hit the nail on the head with his answer. If you are viewing your site while logged in as the owner, you will see the base prices. I took a look at your site while logged out and the prices look good.

    As an aside, I notices that you have a custom domain used on your site. That's fine but it does not appear to be set up correctly. It looks like you just have the domain forwarded to your SmugMug site. This causes issues because the URL will not update as you navigate through your site. To sort this out, you should set up your domain with a CNAME. Have a look at option #2 (or in the video at the 0:54 mark) on this help page for info and instructions:


    Additionally, I am seeing an issue with your profile image. When looking at it logged out, it only shows a ghost person there instead of your selected image. This is because that image is stored in a Private gallery. Private galleries and their contents can only be viewed by you, the account owner. You will need to change the gallery visibility (in the security section of the Gallery Settings) to Public or Unlisted in order for that to show to your guests.

    I hope this helps! Let us know if there is anything else that we can help you with along the way.

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