Mini Challenge #212 - RESULTS

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First of all, may I say that there were some unique and terrific shots posted to this challenge. Thank you all for participating and sharing your beauties.

Honorable mention:

Earache - Eric, I do like the Navy hovercraft even tho it's not a plane! And your Dancer shot has incredible detail.

Thelensspot - Wayne, the Quick Silver HDR shot is really nice.

Kscooper - Eric, the throw-back feel of the Twin Beach shot keeps me coming back to look at it.

GSPep - Peter, I've never seen a Jet Assisted Take Off before - love it!

Alans Grin - Alan, the only shot I have of a Vulcan is on the ground. Thanks for posting your shot of the last Vulcan Bomber in the air!

Gatto - The shot of the Blue Angels (Hula Dancer Doll) looks like it is coming straight at you. I like the angle and the fact that you can see the pilot and copilot as well as the doll.

Third place: Tatiana (Travelways) Snowbirds acrobatic flight demonstration in Ottawa, 1012. The colors and composition are beautiful.

snowbirds-7-1-X1.jpgFull Size

Second Place: Peter (GSPep) - Flying to the Moon. The clarity of both plane and moon is great and I love the idea!

1D4_5614-XL.jpgFull Size

First Place: Jeromy (Chandlerja) Boom! Well just Boom! Great composition and timing on this one.

TEST-4745B-XL.jpgFull Size

Congratulations to everyone for a great Challenge. Jeromy you get the pleasure of hosting the next Mini Challenge. BOOM!
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    Thanks for kind words and the Vote Jo! wings.gif
    So many really good shots. I'm honored. iloveyou.gif

    This shot along with the others I have in series right before and after he boomed Are some the very few in my entire life of shooting that I am fully satisfied with.
    The funny thing is he wasn't supposed to break it, just get to the edge. But to my delight he went just a bit to far and for once I was actually ready, prepared and with my finger on the trigger :)

    I will have the new mini up in the morning. I have an idea that hopefully everyone will really enjoy and have fun with!
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    Jo, thanks for the hon mention and Jeromy congratulations on a great photo and win! clap.gif
    Can't wait for the next one!
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  • JAGJAG Photomaniac Wasilla, AKPosts: 7,026Super Moderators moderator
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    Great work everyone! Jeromy that is an awesome image indeed! Kudos!
  • GSPePGSPeP Major grins Steendorp, BelgiumPosts: 2,937Registered Users Major grins
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    Wow, an honorable mention and second place. Thanks.

    Jeromy, congratulations with your first place. thumb.gif
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