The New Lumetri Color Panel in Premier CC 2015

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Anybody happen to check out the new "Lumetri" color panel stuff in Premier CC 2015 yet? OMG, I'm in love. :lust

Being still a relative newbie at video, I hated the color correction stuff in previous versions of premier. Oh sure, I watched a ton of videos on it, but I still sucked at it. Instead, I'd do basic corrections in Lightroom, which of course are very limited for video, and exported them as new video clips -- which takes forEVER to render.

So what did Adobe do? They essentially lifted the ACR tone and color model straight of Lightroom and slapped it in a panel on Premier. As a long time user of Lightroom for photos, needless to say this piqued my interest. So I tried it out on a big project with 16 clips from three cameras and figured out how to create presets and correct groups of clips in batch in almost no time at all, saving me incalculable amounts of time while improving the results of my end product immeasurably. I simply cannot tell you how happy this makes me. :barb

Joel-bob says, "check it out". :deal Link:
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