How do I make Digital Downloads appear as a purchase option?

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I created a gallery and made it public. Logged out of my pro account so I could see what my customers see. Off to the right side of the gallery it lists prints, teeshirts and mugs and all that stuff, but the one thing I really want it to show "Digital Downloads" does not show up as an item they can click on. How do I activate this and make it happen. Yes, I have set my gallery pricing already so it shows up when I am logged in. But no one else can see it. What's up with that?


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    How large is the original of the image you are trying to sell via digital download? Is it large enough to meet the size of the digital download you are trying to sell?

    I just did an experiment in one of my galleries. I uploaded two photos, one at full size, and on that I had saved as a smaller size. The smaller sized photo did not support the size needed to be sold as a digital download and that option was not presented on that small photo. For the second photo I uploaded the full-sized original. In the same gallery, the second photo was presented with the digital download option in the cart.

    --- Denise
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