Eizo monitor support 10-bit output are importent ?

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I have CS230 Eizo monitor and graphics card gtx 750 zotac
in the specification of the monitor is written:
A graphics board and software which support 10-bit output are also necessary for 10-bit display ...
my card that does not have
is that importent thing for colours ?
call video card to the monitor with a DVI cable
display port will be better but my card does not have display port
Do I have to replace a card?
Is it really that big difference in the colours in practice?


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    The monitor will still work, but you'll only have an 8 bit color gamut, not 10. Whether that matters to you or not depends on how demanding your work requirements are. I've never worked on a 10 bit rig, so I really can't describe the difference. Still, if I had a 10 bit monitor, I would almost certainly want a video card that supported it.
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