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Last week I had a chance to do senior portraits for only the third time ever. Each time I have learned a ton--and, man, I have fun doing them. Feedback would be most welcome! (Still have stray hairs--it was VERY windy--and some items to clean up...but that will come later.) I've directed this young lady in several shows and we had a great time dong this shoot.








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    Nice set, I'm sure she is pleased. Good light and poses. Some feedback... I think some backgrounds could be a bit better. Some distractions: the painting behind her head in 1, the edge of the brick wall in 3, the letters near her head in 3, "tin pan theater" in 5. All pull my eye away from the lovely subject. I really like 4, but the utility pole behind her head is a bit of a bummer. You might try to remove some of the markings on the pavement. 3 might be better if we could see both eyes.

    An "accurate" reproduction of a scene and a good photograph are often two different things.
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    For me four and six are the money shots. I would redo six the same pose but have her look up at the camera. There is an old Texas rule, if it will bend, bend it and if it won't break it. I would tend to bend the wrist slightly to break up that straight line. She is s such a pretty gal the eyes would make the shot.

    6 is just a perfect pose, congrats. However ditto on the utility pole Jack mentioned. Clone the brick over it.

    PS carry some lip gloss to bring out the lip highlights.
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    Thank you!! I very much appreciate the comments.

    The settings in the alleyway are very specific to our small, arty town--and the pictures (a changing outdoor art gallery in the brick alleyways), the Tin Pan sign, etc., are all part of what she and I wanted to capture for at least some of her shots--this is her environment. The pole, of course, is not what I would wish for, but there it is. Shooting down that angle of the alley instead of the other way was preferable to me because of the light in that moment--there was that glow bouncing off a wall of glass that didn't exist further down. I'll be honest, if I could clone out the pole, I would, but I'm not sure I'm capable of it given that there is first a painting and then the brick wall behind pole. (The markings on the pavement, however, I plan to take care of...I wanted to wait to see if she would choose it first. I did clone out all the cigarette stubs!!)

    Regarding #3--yep, I will be cloning out the words in chalk. I agree about both eyes.

    I love the comment about the wrist on #6, Hackbone, and I will try to remember it for next time! Actually, next time I'll stage that moment--this time 'round, it was a spontaneous capture as she was trying to straighten her hair. The wind was terrible! I was so excited it turned out as well as it did. Serendipity this time; it will be purposeful next time. (That's assuming I get a next time--I've been doing these upon request for friends of my sons. This is strictly a hobby for me. But I get such a kick out of doing it that I'm hoping I can continue to do one or two each year.)

    She and her mom chose #3-6 as well as #1 in b&w. (They didn't choose #2 because they chose an alternate pose in that spot.) I'm having some trouble with dgrin again today on my computer (no matter what browser I use, all I see is text and gibberish)--so I as soon as I can work on a larger screen than my phone I'll post the other shots that she has chosen as favorites.
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    2/3 are AWESOME, and I love 6 too. I'd crop the sliver off the brick wall in the one, but otherwise fantastic! If the setting is important in the others, then I think you're fine - I like a little more blur, but I think that all depends on intention. You did a lovely job on these :)
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    Thank you, Diva, for the kind words. I'm sorry I've been away--life happens. But she did really love these, as did her Mom...and, it turned out, her godfather, who is professional photographer for LA musicians and for the movie studios. So that was nice. (I suspect, however, that the next time she meets up,with her godfather, she will get some additional photos taken!)

    I keep learning so much!
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    Beautiful shots, she is beautiful and she looks very natural.

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