daughter in lake Huron at sunset

afermanaferman Registered Users Posts: 6 Beginner grinner
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looking for feedback and really just wanting to post some pictures on this site and get settled in! thanks in advance for criticism and critique


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    SamSam Registered Users Posts: 7,419 Major grins
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    This is an interesting image. I like the surreal look and reflection. I wonder if you can clone out the blown highlights on her face?

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    puzzledpaulpuzzledpaul Registered Users Posts: 1,621 Major grins
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    Nice idea, but this doesn't really say 'sunset' to me.

    Different angle would offer the prospect of twin catchlights in the eyes ...ie the sun and its relection.

    I have no idea whether the practicalities of the situation offered the chance of a (much) lower pov, but it'd be well worth trying next time you're taking pics where water is involved as it offers all manner of advantages - imo.

    An example where a person has been the subject, rather than w/life.

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