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So i am trying to figure out a pricing for a image use for a government agency.

I have a image they want to use. It will be printed in a 8.5x7.5 flyer/mailer. It will be folder in half and the front fold will be 8.5x3.75. The image will be on the front fold of the flyer, full color, approximately 1.875x2.5 in size. This flyer will go out to 250,000 mailers with a potential printing of 1mil to reach all 833,000 customers.

The same flyer will be used on their website for up to 2 years. My image will be one of 3 images on the front page of the flyer (exact layout not known). If it similar to past flyers they did, it will most likely be near the middle to lower half, but still fully visible.

This is a profit center for this department, as they bring in money, but will be used to market changing rates. There will be no photo credit.

I do not know their overall budget for marketing...

I feel .02 a print or $5000 for the flyer and online is fair.

If there is a need to negotiate, I am looking for other examples that can be found online for this usage, so I may reference them if needed for examples. Can anyone help? Concrete examples will help me with dealing with this group.


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    I wish there was an easy answer to pricing licenses! I don't have FotoQuote (and I really should get it) so I typically price out a license on Getty, Alamy, and Corbis and then check the recommendations on Image Brief, to get a starting point, but in the past couple years even Getty and Alamy have been so far apart it's not funny. And Alamy's "marketing packages" make the whole prospect of licensing for commercial use a joke - for a large business (as opposed to small business), even a rights managed license is only $199 for 5 years world-wide usage in any/all marketing materials.

    Obviously the more unique your image is, the higher price it can command. Your $5000 starting point makes sense to me as a photographer but I think they will ask for a much lower price. Using the information you posted and making some assumptions (including a Rights Managed license, up to 1/4 page front cover and pricing a government agency as a large corporation), at Getty I get $3,885 for the brochure plus another $1,000 for web usage, for a number that is very close to yours. At Alamy I get $1,345 for the brochure plus $45 for any web usage for 5 years (or $199 for the large business marketing package), and with ImageBrief the brochure would be $450 plus another $250 for all web usage. John Harrington's calculator gives $1970 for the brochure, and $1026 for the web usage (if on the home page) for three months, plus 100% to extend the web license to two years. Corbis shows $2,441 for a license that covers both the brochure and the ability to download it from the web (which seems most appropriate here), but they also have a "Quick License" for $499 that covers all online and direct marketing usage worldwide for one year. So depending on the uniqueness of your image I think your price is on the high side.

    Is it any wonder that no one knows how to price their licenses anymore?
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