Senior Shoot

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Impromptu Senior shoot... Very overcast day, foggy and murky sunlight.. didn't even get to the store for batteries for the flash... not my best, but, bland, gray, foggy NW day with no flash on an old Olympus E-3 that's seen better days..... :dunno




Lee Wiren


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    # 1 is pretty nice, might want to add some flash just to give a tad light modeling to the face and open the lens for more bokeh if that is what you like. In processing try to raise the black pt a tad to give the photo more impact.

    #2 I really like the shot especially the edge framing. That outstretched arm bothers me a bit and draws the attention up and away from him. Might be more effective if he was leaning on that elbow.

    #3 Is an OK shot. When leaning on hands just have them barely graze the face and not putting weight on the hands as it "smushes up" the face. The sky peeking thru the leaves bothers me a tad, maybe moving camera position a tad to the left would help with the bkg.

    4 Is a pet peeve of mine. Why must photographers have people leaning and or hugging a tree!!!!! He is tall and lanky and you helped magnify that doing it full length and then adding a tall tree next to him plus the tree growing out of his head. Perfect framing on that one tree by the way. Laughing.gif.

    All in all there are some nice shots here. The camera, lighting, lens doesn't matter as much as what you have six inches behind the camera, congrats on that.
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    Nice shots. WB seems too warm on 1. I must disagree with my esteemed colleague above, 3 is a pet peeve of mine. I've never liked this pose or anything resembling "The Thinker", I think it's cheesy. Way worse and way more cliche than leaning against a tree/post/rock/car/etc. The tree lean usually results in a relaxed, approachable look. Just my opinion. If you have the resolution, I think 4 would be great cropped just below his arms to minimize the lankiness.

    An "accurate" reproduction of a scene and a good photograph are often two different things.
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