Cyclocross in Flagstaff

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Up to Flagstaff to visit our boys at NAU, one in marching band and one on cycling team. If you haven't witnessed a cyclocross event it is worth venturing out and watching the spectacle. Serious athletes (mostly) having a lot of fun. Being Halloween it was a bit more crazy than typical. Generally it is a time limit race--those on lead lap when time runs out finish that lap for winner. Others pull off course. Unofficial crowd points awarded for style, tricks, and appreciated beer stops mid-race. Often there will be prizes for finding--and grabbing--a rubber duck or stuffed animal dangling somewhere on course.

1. Obstacles are the norm









If you like cycling action this is the sport. Courses are generally in a park or fairgrounds and weave around fields and barns for multiple laps. That means you can be in center of course are walk to various vantage points for pictures, often getting there before the rider.



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    You captured some great action here and from your description this sounds like a blast. I love #5.
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    Thanks. Very fun sport to shoot. Another one coming up Saturday after Thanksgiving.
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    Great photos of a very tough sport. I've gotta say that's some of the best weather I've ever seen for a race. Usually it is rainy, dark, slick, muddy, and overall dangerous because of those conditions (which makes cyclocross what it is). Love the guy with the fake beard!
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    My first view of Cyclocross was when I lived in Portland. Rainy day with wet muddy fields and brown mud puddles. Riders finished and all looked the same--brown. A friend tried to get me into it but I stayed with mountain biking in the summer. Fast forward a few years and I live in Phoenix and cycloross here is dry grass, gravel parking lots and no snow. All fun, but I am not sure AZ cross riders would have taken up the sport if they lived in Oregon. It is always entertaining, but this race was on Halloween so really brought out the fun.
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