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I had the chance to visit the Santa Fe and Taos New Mexico area for a long weekend last month while my girlfriend was doing an art workshop there. I'd never been to this part of New Mexico before, but I instantly understood why it draws artists. Not only is the scenery spectacular, but the light has a very special quality that I can't describe, other than to say that it is unlike anywhere else I've been. I took a lot of photos but I was most interested in the very old and iconic churches and other religious iconography and the pueblo at Taos. I processed a batch in monochrome brown for a particular installation. I'm sharing those and a few related pictures.

1. San Francisco de Asis, Taos NM. Built from 1772 to 1816. Front.

2. San Francisco de Asis, Rear.

3. San Geronimo Church, Taos Pueblo. Built 1850.

4. Taos Pueblo Cemetery and original San Geronimo Church. The church was originally built in 1618 by Spanish settlers (probably with forced labor of the natives). It was destroyed and rebuilt, and then in 1847 destroyed again. The Governor of the territory had been assassinated and the Tiwa group of the Puebloan tribe of Taos were suspected. When the US Cavalry came to to Taos to find the murderer, the men had already fled to the mountains. The Calvalry bombarded the church with artillery. Unfortunately, the Tiwa women and children had taken refuge in the church and several hundred were killed. The cemetery was built around the ruins of the bombed out church, which was left standing as a memorial.


5.Taos Pueblo. This structure of many small homes was built between about 1,000 and 1,400 and is still occupied.


6. Another structure at Taos Pueblo, this one is only 600-700 years old. Also still occupied.


7. Sangre de Christo Chapel on the "high road" between Santa Fe and Taos. Ok, the processing is a little overdone, but I still like it.


8. Interior of San Miguel Chapel in Sante Fe, said to be the oldest church in the U.S. It was completed around 1628.


9. Random icon.


10. Ok, don't judge me by this last one, which was shot while driving to Albuquerque. I include it only to prove the advertising claim that the Ford 500 is the choice of Leprechauns.


This is a beautiful part of the world, worthy of a much longer expedition.



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    You have some interesting shots here. I especially like #2 although I would like to see it from a wider angle.

    --- Denise
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    Thanks, Denise. Agreed about preferring a wider angle for the rear of Asis. Couldn't do it that day because of the position of the sun. Also, a lot of junky structures have been built nearby on the right. Gives me a perfect excuse to go back -- need to catch this scene later in the day!
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    Definitely a photography rich environment in those parts. #1 and #4 are my favorites here!

    Take care,

    "Photography is partly art and partly science. Really good photography adds discipline, sacrifice and a never ending pursuit of photographic excellence"...ziggy53

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