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Hello, how are you?

I have Canon EOS 550D, and I want to make pictures of people in the gym, when they are doing some exercise or just posing. So can someone recomend me which lens should I buy? For budget around 200-300 eur.

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    After the subject, setting and composition of a scene, proper light/lighting is essential.

    I suggest that you need both a competent external flash, with an "autofocus assist light", and then a standard zoom lens in the 17-50mm-ish range, but with a constant aperture of f2.8.

    1) For the flash I suggest at least a Yongnuo Speedlite, model YN568 EX II. The "II" designation is extremely important as the flash model without the "II" is for Nikon cameras only. This flash is the least I can recommend for this application and you can sometimes find them used for around $65 or so USD. New they are just over $100USD.

    1a) Other than that, a venerable older (used) Canon 580EX (the original) Speedlite is often available at $200USD or a little less. This Canon flash is a joy to use, with a wonderful high-output autofocus assist light and the ability to couple with an optional external high-voltage power source to speed up the recycle times and extend the time before replacing batteries.

    2) For the zoom lens, the least costly option I recommend is a Tamron SP AF 17-50mm F/2.8 XR Di II LD Aspherical (IF), generally available used for around $299USD. While not perfect, the biggest problem is it's slightly slow to focus, it is optically very good and a bargain at that price. The constant aperture of f2.8 is available through the range and extremely important indoors.

    2a) Ideally, the Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM is sharper, faster to focus and has a very useful IS (optical image stabilization), but the cost of even a used copy is far outside your budget. (Something to save money for. thumb.gif)

    Notice that I place the importance of the flash first, and that is extremely important for what you wish to do. The "autofocus assist light" greatly improves autofocus speed and accuracy, and the flash output can greatly improve the quality of available light. Experiment with white ceiling bounce and white wall bounce, as available.
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    Just another note as to why the F2.8 aperture can be important, it'll allow you to have a narrow depth of field which helps to isolate your subject from the background.

    I have the Tamron 28-75 F2.8 which should be similar in AF speed (a bit sluggish) to the 17-50, so if people are relatively stationary on a machine, or lifting in a stationary position you should be fine. If they are moving about then it can be a bit iffy with the biggest problem being if it loses track of them it might take a second or so to get back in focus which can be an eternity. I use the lens when shooting dance routines and the keeper rate is still acceptable for me but noticeably lower than my lenses with the equivalent of Canon's USM (ultra sonic motor) focusing.
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    plenty of good deals on refurbs - 50mm 1.8 STM is only $85
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