Equestrian 3Day Eventing

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edited November 19, 2015 in Sports
Been taking shots at 3 day equestrian eventing. Only really got into it this year. I shoot with a D750 and a Sigma 70-200mm. Sigma seems very sharp to me.
Settings are
AF-9 to 21 C
Center weighted 8mm sometimes 15mm
RAW file
ISO Auto usually 100
1/1000 to 1250 shutter sometimes 800 or less for dressage
f3.2 to f4 .Anything less and the highlights blow out. Sometimes I adjust the EV down a bit if Im shooting at a lower fstop.
I do all my post processing after. For an enthusiasts Ive had a few sales. Its something to do when my girlfriend is competing. Its actually quite addictive
Anyway here one example I forgot its from my D7000 which works great with the Sigma. I cant seem to edit and attach more from my d750.


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