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I'm sorry if this is the wrong section for this but I was wondering if anyone had any idea if there was a agency or maybe some sort of intern that would be interested in doing a voluntary photoshoot of myself? The photoshoot style/genre can be up to the photographer. I've been contemplating giving modeling a shot since I graduated highschool but unfortunately the realities of life have kept me from giving it a go. I'm looking to gain experience and to see if modeling is for me through this voluntary photoshoot. While also hearing some professionals opinions and advice in the meantime. Ill gladly send pictures of myself if anyone is interested or could possibly point me in the right direction. Id greatly appreciate it! I'm not sure if this counts for much of anything but I was approached by a ihsaa photographer (first name Jeff, can't remember his last name) before I graduated in 2010 who said under the right management and the right photoshoots, that I could potentially make a career out of modeling. Sadly, due to moving away to Florida for a few years after I graduated enabled me from ever persuing a modeling career. Again, if this is the wrong section I apologize. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance!


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    Your best bet for finding a photographer for a TFP session would be to check with the local talent agencies in your area. They usually keep a list of photographers who are in the area--who will know what is required for headshots and model portfolios. Some of them will do TFP. Start there.

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    Yup, TFP is the way, I reckon.

    should you find yourself in IL, give me a shout, if i'm free we can figure something out.
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