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I've never used a watermark before. I thought I'd try it on one of my galleries using my URL. It watermarked some of the pictures with a picture I have never seen before. Then I tried to set it back to NO WATERMARK and it won't go away. Any help?



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    Go into Account Settings > Business tab
    Click MANAGE watermarks
    Scroll down the right side, do you see your watermarks there?
    If you have not created any you can not apply one to photos.
    But you are probably seeing PROOF as a watermark which is the Smug default.

    For the gallery go into Organizer. "Select All" or individuals and click the wench and Watermarks.
    You can remove the applied watermarks.
    This is the only place you can add/change/remove watermarks.

    But, in a gallery's settings you can under Photo Protection apply a watermark to the whole gallery.
    Notice it says DEFAULT? That applies the PROOF watermark. If you have created a/some watermark/s
    They will be in the dropdown if you click DEFAULT.
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