Can't access or login page via chrome

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This is a very weird error, about two days ago I tried to login to my smugmug account at work using a windows computer and a chrome browser, when I clicked on the link to access the login page the browser tried to download a file called login. When I tried to access the other pages I got the various other files called pro, download or consumer...

I don't know if this is a browser problem or a smugmug problem however all of the other sites seem to work fine, even the smugmug blog. Any help would be appreciated.
Mark Derry


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    Hi Mark,

    It sounds to me like maybe your work has some firewalls or antivirus programs that are blocking SmugMug. I would recommend reaching out to your IT department to see if they can add SmugMug as an exception. Unfortunatley, there is little that we can do from our end to override these security measures.

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