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I'm not OK.:D

Smug iPhone app 3.0.2 isn't updating my gallery list in one of my folders. I've cleared the cache, restarted, and double-checked that everything's copacetic online. (Via web on both PC and iPhone.)

Only one folder is a problem. It was recently updated by deleting one gallery and adding another. The old deleted gallery still shows up in the app, with no pictures in it, and the new one doesn't show up at all.


(My app shows November 2014 with no pictures, but doesn't show December 2015.)

Guy Buchanan


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    Hi Guy,
    Could you do me a favor and confirm that the December 2015 gallery exists? I took a look in both the iOS app and on the web and it appears that the December 2015 gallery doesn't exist in the /Monthly folder. I see a December 2014, but no 2015. When I looked in the app it looks like the November 2014 gallery is populated with all the photos.

    You're using the SmugMug iOS app, version 3.0.2, correct? (just wanted to make sure iOS or Android).

    A couple troubleshooting steps, that range from slightly intrusive to more invasive:
    1) Can you try logging out of the app (from the home screen, click on the tools gear, then select 'Account' and then 'logout' on the bottom). Then On the last tab on the bottom ("Following", it looks like 2 people), click "Add" and add your "B-and-N". Does November 2014 show up with 1 photo or all photos? Now log back in and see if all the photos are there.

    If none of the photos show up when you're logged out, then troubleshooting would involve:
    2) Completely delete the SmugMug app, re-download and install it, login, and see if it has 1 photo or more.

    We can troubleshoot further if none of this works.
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    Well slap me in the face twice. It's the November gallery I was replacing so November 2014 still shows on my app and November 2015 doesn't, whereas the inverse is the case when I look via the web. (Not December.) Apologies for the run-around. I'll try the rest of the debug steps and get back to you. Thanks for the prompt reply.

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    OK the re-login process cleared it up. Thanks. Too bad you guys have to do updates over the holidays. Sucks.

    Thanks for the prompt assistance.

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    Hi Guy,
    I'm glad that you were able to fix it!
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