another v2 upload problem (Uploading Interrupted)

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Hi, any tips on where to look to get around error code 61, "Upload Interrupted"? I'm writing a client in Go and am setting the following header params (as well as the required Authorization for Oauth):
		"Accept":              {"application/json"},
		"Content-Type":        {"image/png"},
		"Content-MD5":         {md5Str},
		"Content-Length":      {strconv.FormatInt(imgSize, 10)},
		"X-Smug-ResponseType": {"JSON"},
		"X-Smug-AlbumUri":     {albumUri},
		"X-Smug-Version":      {"v2"},
		"X-Smug-Filename":     {justImgFileName},
My test image is only 50K, so I'm guessing there's something fundamentally wrong with what I'm doing.

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    new error: code 5 system error
    I figured out why I was getting the "uploading interrupted" error. I wasn't setting the ContentLength of Go's Request type. I thought it computed that during construction.

    Now that I manually set that, the API responds with code 5, system error. There's nothing in the upload log (before, it would log an incomplete file and the name of the file).

    Anyone have any troubleshooting tips for this error?

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    Figured out what the problem was. I had initially authorized my application with read permission and was only printing out the body of the response. Had I originally also been printing out the response status message, I would have figured it out a long time ago. :p

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    Need to hire a coder for a project aggregating stats and views
    I need to hire a coder or get advice to see if some functionality is possible with smugmug b

    I want to sync as many stats like sales, likes, views, manually inputted referrals into a spreadsheet and visible from my blog on a web page.

    I'm looking to create a referral program for my clients and have the roadmap for this but don't have the time to implement it

    If anyone has any recommendations to a coder or someone familiar that I can explain further too please let me know.
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