Nikon S7000

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Any thoughts on this P & S? Seems really nice.


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    The first consideration is how you might use the camera?

    For outdoors in really good light (bright sunlight in the summer in the 10AM - 2PM timeframe) and with careful selection of foreground/background, and with static subject matter, and wanting 6" x 4" prints, the Nikon S7000 is a definite contender. The VR image stabilization allows some additional usability when the light starts going down, but a tripod is still indicated in very low light.

    Indoors you will want to use the flash, which will yield a fairly flat and bland image, but no worse than most cameras in this price range.

    For sports/action photography, I'm pretty sure that even in good light the results are going to be slim for keepers, but indoor and night sports/action is pretty much not going to work.

    Smaller apertures mean that this camera will not be too good at subject separation and general bokeh.

    If you want to improve on an average cell phone camera or tablet the Nikon COOLPIX S7000 is an upgrade. If your needs are meager and your expectations realistic (considering that this is an entry level camera) I do believe that it's a pretty good value at the $150USD price.
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