Palette sliders for Lightroom and photoshop my two cents

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I jumped headfirst into the temptation of finding a new workflow technique. Has anyone had full experience with them yet? I wrote up my thoughts on 5hrs of using them. It was quite fun flagging and base editing was a bit faster after paying around for 1hr.

I asked them about motorized slider necessity and they sent a video that showed the zeroed out function when going to next image. Motorized midi board would be cool but not necessary and I don't think they'd be suited for as much movement as Lightroom would take.

If anyone has programmed theirs outside of lr and ps let me know what you came up with. I'm trying to figure a way to play bf4 in a tank with slider and knobs


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    I moved this into the "Digital Darkroom" forum where we discuss photography production hardware.

    Palette Gear controllers do look pretty cool. Compared to other professional editing equipment and controllers the prices seem in line, so if a personalized Palette layout improves productivity, you might want to go for it.
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    Thanks sir! Appreciate the move. Yes they are pretty awesome.
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