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Hello everyone! I hope everyone got everything they asked Santa for! ;-) Just wanted to let everyone know the reason for my absence the last few months. I had new duties added at my day job that now include the operation of the 2 laser etching machines that are used to etch the company logo on the wooden boxes for the tool sets that we produce, and for all the signs that are made for the plant. I was given some free time to experiment with the lasers to see if I could come up with other things that we could do with the lasers. I figured out how to laser etch photos on wood and 2 color plastic so far and I'm now working on glass, and clear acrylic that will be later LED edge lit. Below are before and after photos of one of my experiments of a photo laserd on 2 color plastic. I had done one other one of a detailed scene that we showed to the owner of the company and he loved it so much he asked if he could have it, so we gave it to him before I could take a photo of it. It's amazing how much detail you can get from laser etching if the file is prepared properly.

1. The original photo

2. Photo of laser etched photo on 2 color plastic

This could possibly be something that may be popular, since it is on plastic, it will never fade. What do you think?

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    Gary752 wrote: »
    ... What do you think?

    Imo, I think it's got potential - will depend on all manner of things ...but as someone who used to hand make items for sale in a particular sort of environment ... I can imagine there'd be some interest.

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