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I have long used Picasa to manually geotag my photos (one day I'll get a camera that does it for me). For some reason I am having trouble now geotagging my shots. I use a Garmin GPS and mark the spots where I take shots and after loading them on my computer I enter the GPS coordinates in the following format: N 35 19.260 W 082 50.397 This has worked in the past, but now no matter what coordinates I enter the tag shows up in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on Google Maps. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong, or what has changed in Picasa/Google Maps?

I have found a workaround by using the "Geotag in Google Earth" function, but this adds your photo to Google Earth and I don't necessarily want to do that all the time.

Any help would be appreciated. I know this is probably something I'm screwing up, but this really has me baffled.

Thanks in advance... Kurt


  • BMW KurtBMW Kurt Adventurer, Photographer Posts: 197Registered Users Major grins
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    Oh! Well, I guess I can say nevermind. Suddenly today the feature began working the way I expected. Don;t know if it was me or just a gremlin in the system. Either way, it seems to work now! thumb.gif
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