Quick question for you wedding shooters..

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Im always lurking here and I also follow a few of the posters here on their various blogs. My question is this during a wedding, do you all get shots of everyone in the party as they enter during the procession, or just focus on the bride, and get the rest of the party afterward? Looking at the work of some here I never really see those shots but it could just be that they are not posted but instead given to the bride.


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    Hi - in my past experience, I try to get at the very least the Maid of Honor and the Best Man during the procession. Of course, any emotional moments from Bridesmaids, Groomsmen and key family members.
    I have actually photographed in some churches that limited photography was allowed which made it process even more complicated.
    Therefore, in my opinion and from what I have seen - the Bride and Groom get the most attention.
    For examples - I will send you some from Smuggers I have worked with on their site designs.
    I hope this helps - jerryr
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    At almost all weddings I have shot (I'm only a second shooter, never primary) or attended as a guest, the photographer is positioned at the front of the aisle and gets shots of each couple as they approach the altar. At a few weddings, there have been photography or space restrictions that prevented this, but better than 95% of weddings I've seen have expected and accommodated shooting the entire wedding party during the procession. This usually includes when the couple's parents and grandparents are escorted to their seats (if applicable). Typically, this is reversed during the recession, and the photographer grabs what shots are possible as the wedding party retreats down the aisle (these are typically much harder shots to get, as the party moves much faster going out than they did coming in).

    Depending on the size of the package ordered, not all of these shots may be in the albums or prints, but they're always taken, especially since the digital revolution, since a photographer can now shoot as much as he wants and winnow out the undesirables later.

    Note that my experience is exclusive to Christian and secular weddings in the US; I have no experience with other faiths, nor in other countries, so your mileage, as they say, may vary.
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    Thanks for the replies (and links jerryr) I guess it's always good to take the pics of everything just in case.
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