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I don't know is it just me, bur i find the smug mug map feature quite hateful. Don't get me wrong, I like vm the idea of geotagging photos but this smug mug map just doesn't work for me (marker limits, the map it self, can't map galleries with one marker,...).

I understand we can't use google maps (very, very sorry about that) but can't we have an alternative map provider? Flickr has much better looking maps :huh

but what I am really interested in is if it is possible to implement such feature to have a little photo carousel under the map, and only photos visible in the carousel would me visible on the map. When you move the carousel, new photos appear, new markers appear on the map. This is a good walkaround for the map marker limit.



and when you move the carousel


The carousel could have all photos, or photos from certain galleries, or those that the user picked, etc. this would be a great map feature, and i believe many users would be interested.

So what do you think?


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    SmugMug's maps could use a lot of improvement. Thanks for the feature request!
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    I'll second this feature request - that's a great idea.

    One of my (many) complaints about the map feature is that the aerial view is only really usable (i.e. zoomable) in the United States. Thank you MapQuest...

    Maps could be such a great addition to the SmugMug package - it's too bad that as they are now they don't add a darn thing.

    Cheers, Sara
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    I would like to see the SmugMug map have the ability to include pages as well. That is - you can set a location for a specific page. Also, have the ability to control if the map should open in the image lightbox or gallery.
    - jerryr
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    Is there any news on this feature request? It's almost three years old..

    Personally I'm still very much looking forward to some more abilities in the map. I know there are other feature request as well in the community regarding the maps such as linking to folders or galeries instead of images. To me, my website is mostly about travels; the maps feature COULD BE an important component to telling a story but right now not much can be done. You could feature your trip/route, the photo's along it.. Ties in to other feature requests as well: people would like to have more ability to really build their site/pages, including blogging or some other form of story telling. (see:

    I appreciate you have a small team and prioritize e.g. shopping cart functionality over these requests but it would be really nice for us to see some developments in these matters

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    i feel like slow clapping.. almost four years since the original request and comment. Honestly, this is getting ridiculous..

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