Corrupted Card

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Trying to upload a shoot from yesterday. Getting this message from ACDSEE. Lightroom saw the files originally and said that a preview was unavailable. Then after attempting to upload it now says there are no files.

Any idea on how to recover the images?

Shooting with a Canon 7D, memory card is a kingston.


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    RichardRichard Administrators, Vanilla Admin Posts: 19,914 moderator
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    It does sound like a corrupted card, but let's be systematic about this:

    1. Put the card back in the camera and see if you can view the pics there.
    2. If you can, try downloading from the camera rather than using a card reader.
    3. Can you read other cards with the reader? If not, the problem is probably the reader.
    4. Have you tried a different cable? Cables are usually the weakest link.

    Assuming none of the above works, then your best bet is to try a data recovery program. There are many available (Google is your friend) but I'd start with this one, available from Kingston itself. Try others if that one fails. The last resort would be a data recovery service, but these tend to be pricey and if the card is physically damaged, they may not succeed either.

    Good luck and let us know if you solve the problem.
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