Travel Shots - Part 2

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More shots I've taken of the people that have crossed my line of sight during travels. Most, if not all of these, were taken while traveling through the Philippines in Nov - Jan, 2014-15.

Again, hot-linked from G+ so not too sure how they render in the thread, quality wise.

Hope you enjoy looking at them! Oh... and sorry for posting so many! :wink

1. Something's fishy - A vendor preparing the afternoon's catch.

2. How much for the squid?

3. Local artist - making trinkets early in the morning before the tourists attack.

4. Not-So-Super Cuts - a back-alley barber shop.

5. Welcome Party - we received a warm, musical welcome at the Loboc River, in Bohol.

6. Street Cop - policeman in Manila.

7. Gaggle of Cashiers - It's typical for there to be at least 10 gals working a register in the stores in Manila.

8. Chicken Man - Street vendor preps the rotisserie chicken to sell for the day.

9. Mr. Peanut - The best roasted peanuts I've ever had sold by this guy.

10. Creeper - Yeah... felt like one but couldn't help myself. :rofl
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